From the rising of digital currencies, to an AI that can write code, to applications that run equally well on your computer, phone and watch,
to photo-realistic gaming graphics — have you ever stopped for a moment and asked yourself what’s all the buzz about and could I do this?

Lots of people are doing it, but how do you get on board? Let’s find out.

1. Do Research

A lot of developers, myself included, started learning programming without defining a clear goal. …

Ever tried developing your own JavaScript application and found yourself in the maze of gazillion packages?


Since it’s inception in 1995, JavaScript has massively evolved and is one of the most widely-used programming languages. Today we’ll put the pieces together and give a brief overview of each of the popular JavaScript libraries.


The JavaScript ecosystem is huge, so I prepared a variety of topics for you to choose what interests you the most. A lot of the content is copied from the official documentation, to which I left links throughout the article for those who want to take a deeper look.

Destructuring is without a doubt one of my favorite features of JavaScript language. It’s main purpose is to improve your code and simplify it at the same time.

So, What Is Destructuring?

By the definition, Destructuring allows you to pull one or many properties from an object into a separate variable, but the scope expands beyond that. Destructuring can be used with arrays as well. It can be used within loops, inside functions, to swap variables and much more.
In this article, I’ll introduce you to many ways of using this awesome feature.

Let’s kick things off by creating a simple user object.


Do you know that feeling when you know something not quite well and you’re not very confident about it? Well I had that same fear with JavaScript language and then set off on a journey that brought me to a whole new level.
Just sit back and enjoy because I have something amazing to share at the end of this article.

Not so long ago I struggled with the basic concepts of JavaScript language and used Jquery as an alternative. …

Mirza Leka

JavaScript Nerd. Interested in Dev and DevOps topics.

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